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A S'well Lesson on Trust

By David Penglase

My good friend Vanessa Hall, author of The Truth About Trust In Business, frames trust eloquently by saying “Trust Is Fragile”.

My own research is showing again and again that trust, certainly in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives, is very much being taken for granted and devalued. However, there are shining lights who have recognised the value of trust and are sharing their experiences of how trust can practically and positively influence our success.

If you’re a leader, regardless of whatever level within your organisation, take heed of what the amazingly inspirational CEO and founder of S’well (a real solution to getting rid of the scourge of plastic disposable bottles from our earth) Sarah Kauss, has to say about trust…

What I’ve learned through the years is that building trust is a time-intensive endeavor that takes an unwavering commitment to transparency. It requires an environment that encourages open communication across all levels.”

We don’t get trust… we earn it and I believe the key to Sarah’s comment is the word ‘unwavering’.

It’s relatively easy to be transparent every now and then… but not always.

It’s relatively easy to encourage and have the character to accept open communication across all levels of an organisation every now and then… but not always.

Always Is Very Hard To Achieve!

Always is a very hard goal to achieve… but one that when it comes to trust, is what differentiates those that talk the talk, from those, like Sarah Kauss, who walk the talk.

What I’m really talking about here is the character, integrity and value that is associated with an unwavering clarity of intention for the people we impact through our various life roles. Like the intention statement that Sarah Kauss has for the underlying reason why S’well exists when she states that...

"we’re working towards bettering our environment and communities around the world, one S’well bottle at a time.”

Whether you know the S’well story or not (you can learn more here), what is clear to me through my research around the reciprocal and powerful value of positivity plus intention in creating trust and meaning in our lives, is that potentially nothing will have more of an immediate and significant impact in your overall professional and personal wellbeing than trust – self-trust, trust in others and earning the trust of others.

Everyday my research is finding more and more practical and applied evidence to support this importance of focusing on intentional actions that earn, build and maintain trust in our lives, and it’s hard to argue with successful people like Sarah Kauss who really are living up to their intentional promises to make life better… and not just for themselves, but for all of us.

Warm regards,


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